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        Finding a gift can be difficult sometimes, especially when it’s for someone else’s  child. Those  thoughts are always running through our heads. “Is this too cheesy?      Will they even use it?  Why is everything so expensive????” Just go ahead and throw those questions away because I  have the answer your looking for! My    Friendship  Bracelet Maker is the PERFECT gift for any occasion (and I mean ANY:  birthday,  Halloween, Christmas, Easter, just because….)!! Do you  want to know why?

   1. Crafting is HOTTER THAN EVER!

   2. It’s the PERFECT price point.

   3. It’s easy to wrap!

         My Friendship Bracelet Maker is very  durable and comes  FULLY STOCKED with pre-cut thread and colors  that are  perfect for  any season. It’s easily transportable which  makes it perfect for long car rides. My  Friendship Bracelet Maker is as timeless as the beautiful bracelets it will help to  make.

Friendship Bracelet Pattern Design by My Friendship Bracelet Maker

         Kids should be able to unplug from their media outlets and plug in to those around them. That’s why My Friendship Bracelet Maker doesn’t do the work FOR you, it just makes it easy to let your inner craft goddess design and thread away! Trust me, your daughter’s friend at school will LOVE this for her birthday (while your daughter will secretly hope it’s wrapped under the tree for her as well). All the other mom’s will be jealous they didn’t think of it first!

         It’s very easy to get My Friendship Bracelet Maker. Just head to your local Michael’s craft store and you’ll find it in the craft aisle along with some of our other products. You may even get a sweet deal if you click on (wink wink!).

         Now that you know why My Friendship Bracelet Maker is the perfect gift, click HERE to find your closest Michael’s store and stop by to pick up a couple craft kits for easy gifting. You’ll be glad you did!

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