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Transitioning into Back to School

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It’s back to school time… a time for new routines, new faces and new places. For little ones leaving familiar surroundings this can bring anxiety and tears – a heartbreaking experience for both children and their parents.

According to Mary Jo Ciani-Gaddie, a child therapist with 10 years experience in school counseling, “An image bracelet is exactly what students need to make the transition from home to school a little easier. The image bracelet serves two purposes, it provides one- on-one time while creating the bracelets, but more importantly it provides a wonderful opportunity to tell a story about what their school day will look like. Transitions are always easier for children when they know what to expect. Bracelets can start with a picture of a school bus, add an image of a teacher, a desk or students working, then put in a picture of mom or dad, lunch time, recess, pictures of siblings, grandparents or pets, rest time, story time, and a school bell to indicate the end of the day.

Children love stories and this story can be about a magical bracelet that only the bravest children wear to school. This works far better than a blanket, stuffed animal, or even pictures that are difficult to handle. The image bracelet is the perfect way for your little one to feels your hugs all day long…right around their wrist!”

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Blog Entries

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